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Tips on starting a IV State Chapter- by IV Member janilsal

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As contributed by IV Member Janilsal

Prerequisites to be a Leader
Leadership is either in the genes or can be learned by following, reading or "just doing it". This country is the land of the free and the home of the brave. What this means is that this country cherishes people who are brave and show leadership in all walks of life. If you are contemplating starting a state chapter, then it is the right thing to do. Martin Luther King Jr. has said The time is always right to do the right thing.. That should inspire you.

How do you start a State Chapter?
* Inform the national coordinator (Paskal) that you want to start a chapter in your state. Start flaunting your new found role on the IV forums.
* Create a Google Group for your chapter and add it into your IV signature.

What do I do in the State Chapter?
* Keeping the State Chapter strong requires vision and help. You will get sufficient guidance from other chapter leaders and the core IV leadership. As your chapter membership grows, you will have many active members as well as dormant members in the chapter on the mailing list. So you will have help when you need it the most.
* Try to spread awareness and increase IV membership in your state. Place IV ads in various grocery stores, religious locations, work bulletin boards and apartment complex(es). Plan on a "Membership Drive" throughout the life of your chapter.
* Start establishing a working relationship with your local lawmakers' offices. The IV leadership will appraise you of the details.
* Form a core team of maybe 3-5 active members in your state chapter. Irrespective of the actual member count in your chapter, these few active members will be the drivers. You can have a separate mailing list for the core team at the chapter level.

Benefits of Being a Chapter Leader
* You will be current on what is happening in the political circles as the IV leadership passes down information to the chapter leaders.
* You will have great networking with other chapter leaders and they are both educational and fun.
* You can always flaunt your leadership role on your resume until you retire (maybe 30-40 years from now). You can use it if you want to pursue the management avenue (education and/or profession).
* When your GC comes, you will cherish it because you worked for it.:)

There is already a state chapter. Can I still be a leader?
Yes, by all means. There are usually anywhere from 2-5 leaders at individual chapters. Having more leaders is beneficial, because you can share work and still keep the chapter active when you are dealing with personal, family or professional issues. Remember you have a life beyond IV.

I am a Doctor and I am having issues with my GC. What do I Do?
Have you looked at the blog for IV Physicians?
Just the fact that this nation requires health care professionals and in many situations, you are serving in under-served regions, the thought that you are scampering to maintain your work permit status, is simply pathetic. You should
contact Paskal as he leads the IV-Physicians group.

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