Monday, July 16, 2007

Etiquette while participating in IV conf. calls

As contributed by member "seahawks"

*State Chapter Conference Call Etiquette and Tips*

Here are some tips that need to be shared between all Tele-conference
attendees so that the conversation is more constructive and meaningful.

1. Stick to the agenda that is published prior to the conference call.
Conference call moderators will make sure the discussions are around the
agenda items published.
2. Try to join into the conference on time. If for some reason you are
not able to join in early, do not interrupt discussions to go over previous
items. Minutes of meetings will be taken and distributed to the group.
3. Be respectful of others listening in. Don't get into arguments or
be assertive. If you feel your point was not heard, try to take it off line
and email the moderator to see if there can be any discussion.
4. Whenever you speak, state your name before you talk so that others
can understand who is speaking.
5. The moderator will encourage everyone to speak. However there may
be members who for various reasons may not be comfortable speaking. If that
is the case, please email your feedback to the moderator on thoughts, ideas
and comments so that as a state chapter we get to hear everyone's thoughts.
6. Remember, Immigration Voice is an organization that has members of
various nationalities. We also have members who work for various
employers and lines of profession. Do not criticize employers, people, any
profession or countries. Respect everyone as you want them to respect you.
7. Press 4* to mute/un mute your phone. Sometimes we may have noisy
backgrounds which will not make conversations audible. Please be considerate
and mute your phone if there is heavy background noise.
8. Do not talk about illegal immigration in conversations. We are not
qualified to talk about the issue.
9. Calls will be ended per published time to be respectful of
everyone's time. If everything on the agenda is not complete, the moderator
will see how best they can be accommodated and when. However there may be
some exceptions in extending the time.

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