Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Immigration Voice is compiling experiences from members on the 02/07 Visa Bulletin incident. Please see the posts below.

We encourage members to share their experiences with us. Please look at the posts below for focus and talking points, and post your stories on IV at
with details on:
a) Your current Green Card Status
b) If you have yet sent in your I-485 application
c) Your contact details along with Name and handle on IV. IV is mindful of your privacy and will share this information externally only with prior consent. No anonymous write-ups, please
d) IMPORTANT: We want to keep our focus in our stories only on the following issues:
- Impact of 07/02 on your application (Quality of life issues, time and money expended, inconvenience experienced, et al)
- Request USCIS /DOS to consider accepting 485s filed
- Please refrain from mentioning AILA or even questioning the mechanics of USCIS in the past few days
- Please refrain from using strong negative accusatory adjectives while refering to any federal or state agency

Some of our key members will guide you through the process.

List of Posts