Saturday, April 29, 2006

IV on Fox News Wkend Live 1:15 EST - Immigration Voice(April 2006)

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We barely hear about the plight of highly skilled foreigners legally in the US over the debate in immigration. They are tired of waiting up to 8 years or longer for their green card having to put their lives on hold. They are finding alternative ways to voice their concern. Here is Aman Kapoor, Founder of Immigration Voices.

The Interview

Host: Thanks for joining us here today. Now look, you are representing the people who have played by the rules, they have come here they find they have certain skills not easily available here in the United States, they come in here to fill those jobs and it is not an easy process when you play by the rules.

Aman: It sure is not! Individuals have to go through a wait period of 8-10 years, you mentioned that. While this period is on individuals lives are on hold basically and there are lot of issues that these individuals face. Not many people know about these issues. One of such issues is that individuals cannot ...the members of immigration voice are half a million people that we represent who are very highly skilled immigrants and they are smartest of ...and the best in the world. They have been educated in the best universities in the world. Now these individuals go through this long process and their lives are totally on hold and their lives are totally in limbo state where they cannot get promotions

Host: You say they are in limbo because because you dont relly know whether all of the paperwork is eventually going to work out in your favor?

Aman: That too, that too. That is number one. Number two, as this long process goes on, individual's lives are on hold, they cannot continue with the ..they cannot plan ahead for their lives, they cannot invest, they cannot change jobs, spouses cannot work, sometimes there is even problem getting driver's licenses! So basically there is a huge ... I can continue to go on counting the problem of the ..

Host: You say that you come in and do a good job and you fill the need that was there and apparently it was hard to find somebody to fill that particular specialty ahhh .. and they can't get a raise because the boss thinks why should I give you a raise .. I don't know whether you are even going to be here .. (laughs) is that that part of it?

Aman: Ahhh..that too but at the same time part of it is that individuals cannot get promotions because the process as such is tied to a job description so while the process is going on individuals will have to continue to stick to that job even if organizations want to give promotions! Even if individuals are eligible for promotions or they can get better jobs in other companies or other corporations and help towards innovation and competitiveness, the restrictions and the current system that it puts in terms of numerical limits and the country limits is just is .. mind boggling actually!

Host: Well we havent heard this perspective that we haven't heard discussed in this debate. Thanks for joining us here.

Aman: Thank you. Thanks for having me

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